The coaching staff has discussed, at length, the attendance policy that will be implemented this season and we believe that this policy is the best compromise between transparency, consistency and proper value alignment. It is designed to honor the commitment that each player must willingly choose to make to himself, his teammates and most importantly, his education and overall well-being. Participation in extracurricular activities, especially sports, should be viewed as a way of promoting and rewarding good life habits: work ethic, accountability, proficient time management skills, responsibility and the realization of the value of individual contributions to the well-being and success of a group in pursuit of a common goal, and to take pride in all of these. It should also be viewed as a way of battling less-than-desirable traits such as procrastination and deficient time management. Therefore, unexcused absences from regular season practice will result in the suspension of said player from one (1) quarter of play for each unexcused absence during the next scheduled game. Excused absences will be considered on a case-by-case basis and consist of, while not being expressly limited to absences from practice in relation to: other school sponsored events, unavoidable educational responsibilities (ex: college visits), working a job (with previous arrangement and agreement with the respective head coach), medical emergency or condition, physical injury (with acknowledgement from a medical professional and/or parent), family emergency, reasonable family obligation (excluding recreational vacations). In order for an absence to be considered excused, the player (preferred) or a parent must place the request at least 24 hours in advance , barring emergency situations or extenuating circumstances. In order to reward proficient time management skills and accountability, “homework” will not be viewed as an excusable absence; as such, players are highly encouraged to be proactive about their schoolwork and when faced with a possible choice between school and lacrosse: choose school. Every life choice has consequences, it is the difficult decisions in life that define each individual; missing one quarter of a game isn’t worth missing your education. That being said, with enough work, it will be very feasible to accomplish excellence in both school and lacrosse without having to sacrifice either.


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